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Thesis Paper

You are probably nearing the end of your studies which means that you have to write a thesis. As a result, you are now conducting investigative research on how to write a thesis in order to ensure that the thesis you write is of high quality. Thesis writing is a time consuming task that has to be well prepared and planed. Below are the steps to follow while writing a thesis.

  • a) Step 1: Conduct research in order to establish an ideal topic of your thesis.
  • b)Step 2: Once you have a topic, draw up a research proposal that explains the motivation of the study and how you intend to carry out the research.
  • c) Step 3: Get approval from your supervisors.
  • d) Step 4: Carry out the study
  • e) Step 5: Start compiling the research report.
  • f) Step 6: Proofread the research report.
  • g) Step 7: Hand in your thesis.
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