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Writing can be explained as an activity that entails making use of various words in order to express something. Writing can at times be heartbreaking if one is not well prepared. Below are the steps that should be followed by anyone when writing an essay.

  • m) Research: The initial step when writing an essay should be to conduct a research on the topic that is been written on. Research can be conducted online or in the library.
  • n) Analysis: Once research has been carried out, you should then embark on analyzing the various themes that emerged from your research.
  • o) Brainstorming: Since it is not possible to write all that you have found in the research, you will then brainstorm in order to establish the best topic to write about
  • p) Sketch: After brainstorming, draft a sketch of what you intend to write about.
  • q) Main writing: Once you have your sketch, you are now good to go and should proceed to the actual writing
  • r) Proofreading: Once the main writing has been done, it is advisable that you proofread your writing a few times in order to ensure that the work is free from any grammatical errors.
  • If you are seeking writing assistance, feel free to contact us as our experts are ready to help you.

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